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Baerlocher USA Showcases at NPE 2018 Expansion Strategy to Meet New Additive Challenges

May, 07, 2018 - Baerlocher USA, part of Baerlocher Group, a global supplier of plastics additives, highlighted at NPE 2018 its business expansion strategy that addresses the polymer industry´s changing demands and requirements. As underscored by its larger presence at this year´s NPE, the company has added a growing range of new products - including innovative Baeropol® RST, Baerolub® and Baeropan® additive technologies - and significantly increased its United States production capacity for metal soaps. During the event, Baerlocher USA offered customers complimentary consultations with top authorities in polymer additive science. This included one-on-one meetings with Robert L. Sherman, Jr., Ph.D., technical director for the company´s Special Additives division.

"As a result of our multi-pronged expansion strategy, Baerlocher USA is now positioned to deliver expert insights on the full range of polymer additives, complemented by its expanding portfolio, more comprehensive technical service, and enhanced production capacity", said Edward Hall, president and chief executive officer, Baerlocher USA. "These initiatives speak directly to top industry challenges, from meeting today´s critical additive supply challenges to fulfilling demand for industry-leading products that promote sustainability efforts. By widening our focus and strengthening our capabilities, Baerlocher USA is better equipped than ever before to provide trusted advice and high-value technologies to our customers".

New Additive Innovations

At NPE 2018, Baerlocher USA introduced new additive technologies. This included the launch of Baeropol DRS 6812 SP, a 1:1 drop-in replacement for phosphite stabilizers widely used for polyolefins and other thermoplastics. The third product in the family of the company´s Baeropol RST (resin stabilization technology) platform, this new additive offers improved hydrolytic stability and polymer solubility versus traditional phosphites, the company claims. Baerlocher is also globalizing the formulation of the RST platform chemistry to provide regional sources of supply.

Another Baerlocher additive debuting at NPE 2018 was a new Baeropan stabilizer technology, which is comprised of calcium- and zinc-based stabilizers that are formulated individually for each layer of luxury vinyl tile (LVT). Baerlocher says that these polyvinyl chloride (PVC) additives not only avoid the use of barium-based chemistries, but also deliver thermal stability, reducing yellowing and boosting clarity performance for optimized aesthetics. This ew technology is helping LVT manufacturers establish a strong market for prime-grade tile in the United States.

In response to growing industry demand, Baerlocher USA says that it has developed tin-free Baeropan stabilization solutions for core layers of vinyl tile, helping to position the company as a leader in emerging rigid stabilization techologies. These sustainable technologies were on display at the company´s booth.

Further, Baerlocher showcased at NPE 2018 an expanded portfolio of Baerolub lubricant one-packs for rigid PVC applications such as window profiles, siding and pipe. These new one-packs contain custom blends of additives tailored to the exact processing requirements of each customer. Baerlocher is also expanding their offering for single component Baerolub additives

Onsite Technical Expertise

Dr. Robert Sherman and Dr. Gary Conroy, two of the polymer additive industry´s leading authorities, and a number of other Baerlocher USA scientists and technical staff were on hand throughout NPE to conduct one-on-one consultations with customers. The company supports customers with formulations, testing, troubleshooting and processing evaluation services that can help optimize cost, quality and productivity.

Dr. Sherman spoke at ANTEC 2018 on "Use and Utility of Metal Soaps in Polyolefins." In addition to his current position at Baerlocher USA, he is a member of the board of directors for the SPE Polymer Modifier and Additives Division.

The Baerlocher Group is a leading manufacturer of additives for the plastics industry. Its portfolio includes a broad range of stabilizers and other additives suitable for a variety of polymer and non-polymer applications. Its proactive role is underlined by the support provided to the PVC industry during the transition from lead- to calcium-based stabilizers and by its innovative lubricant systems for wood plastic composites. he Baerlocher Group has production plants around the globe and operates a sales network serving major countries.

Source: Baerlocher