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Brazilian is an Internet-based publication focusing on the Brazilian Plastics Market and also covering relevant news related to the plastics industry all over the world.

Brazilian aims to continually provide readers worldwide with updated news and information on this huge, vibrant and innovative industry.

Brazilian is published just in the English language and is a pioneer publication in this regard, in Brazil. It intends to disseminate information about the enormous potential and opportunities of the Brazilian Plastics Industry for readers all around the world.

Brazilian is a sister publication of Blog do Plástico (, an online publication in Portuguese providing instantly updated information about the Brazilian Plastics Market.

Overseas companies and institutions interested in reaching the brazilian plastics market can send us their releases, which may be translated into Brazil´s mother tongue (Portuguese) and published at Blog do Plástico.

Brazilian will also welcome information released by brazilian plastics companies and institutions which intend to reach the global plastics market and divulge their new developments. Brazilian will publish, in English, all relevant information about brazilian companies, products and services in order to promote the Brazilian Plastics Industry worldwide. Advertisements from brazilian companies will also be published in English at

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